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It’s time to break chronic patterns of thought and actions that are keeping you stuck and holding you back!

Are you feeling...

  • Hopelessness from a lack of direction

  • Financial desperation

  • Pain from the death of a loved one or pet

  • Self doubt keeping you from action

  • Fear of failure (feeling not good enough)

  • Lack of motivation

  • Unsupported with no accountability

  • Stuck because of procrastination

  • Alone and hiding the real you from the ones you love the most

Partner with us to get safe, non-judgmental support every step of your journey!

Meet Sheri & Derek

Meet Sheri & Derek

We know what it's like to have felt like strangers in our own lives. Not to fit in. Never asked what we wanted. To have felt ashamed of who we really were on the inside because our values didn't align with those of our families, our friends, our schools or our communities. We felt looked down upon because our dreams and goals weren’t 'normal.' We were from different races, religions and cultures which had strong expectations of us. We found each other in 1988, fell in love and never looked back. Sheri’s family wanted her with a Jewish man and Derek’s family wanted a 'strong black woman' by his side. They worried about us having interracial children, living in New York City and almost every choice we made. Through the decades, we’ve held on to each other and continue to find our way through a life filled with deep passion, commitment, excitement and love. We’ve forged our own path and continue together for what is now over 30 years. We continue to live authentically, fearlessly, unabashed. We challenge each other, grow together and empower one another every day. It’s not always easy or simple but we walk the talk. There’s no plan B.



What You Get From Coaching

A coach is your partner. We are on your side 100%. We use a thought inspiring and innovative process to motivate you to reach your personal and professional best. The coaching process provides support without judgement, creates heightened awareness, focused accountability, life-changing results, and deep lasting change.

"Sheri is an amazing coach. With her support I was able to make a significant mindset shift so I could fully embrace the big changes I wanted to make in my life. The biggest takeaway for me was realizing how my drive for clarity, something I always thought was a strength of mine, was actually working against me. It was creating a lot of stress and fear, making it difficult for me to make progress. Through Sheri's careful questioning and deep listening she helped me connect the dots and see my situation from a 1000ft view. This allowed me to let go of the fear, to stop sweating the small stuff and map out the steps I wanted to take. I would highly recommend Sheri as a coach. Her warmth, curiosity and passion for her craft shine through and made our sessions something I will treasure for a long time to come."

–Mel Hopwood, 45, New York, AVP, Continuous Improvement

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“It starts with you believing you deserve all that you desire. It ends with you executing strategic action plans. Everything in the middle is powerful coaching!"

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