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Energy Leadership Index / Stress Assessment & Debrief

The Energy LeadershipTM Index (ELI) assessment is a research-backed assessment tool that takes the abstract - how you react to the world and people around you - and turns it into something tangible that you can see. It identifies what’s blocking your potential.

Unlike tests such as Myers Briggs, DISC and the Enneagram, the ELI is an attitudinal assessment tool that captures how you currently perceive and approach work and life.

Through your personally-tailored Debrief, you will become aware of your attitudes, feelings, actions and world views and then have the opportunity to control your experience in the world. It tangibly examines the type of energy you’re using and how that’s serving you.

The ELI assessment is often given at the beginning of the coaching relationship, giving us a complete view of how you currently see the world and react to absolutely everything you experience. It covers 13 areas of your life including: Financial Success, Work/Family/Intimate Relationships, Personal Freedom, Communication Skills, Work/Life Balance, Wellness, and Spiritual Connection.

Ready to take the assessment? It takes 20-30 minutes and is done online. Once the results are in, we’ll guide you through a 60-90 minute personalized debrief session, during which you’ll discover the percentage and type of energy that you typically feel and act upon when under stress and also under “normal” conditions.

You’ll learn where (and how) you’re investing your energy and discover new powerful paths to reach your work and life goals. This new awareness will help you live your life with power, intention, purpose and passion.

Take the Assessment. Receive a Personalized Debrief Session. Create the Life You’ve always Wanted.

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Learn to use your behavior as a superpower.

Identify your blocks.

Get out of your own way.

Choose your mindset. 

Create your experience.

Feel powerful.

Be a leader.

Achieve happiness.

City Outline

"Sheri is a dream to work with. She is attentive, focused, present, kind and holds space for me to dump whatever I bring along to our sessions.  She helps me work through everything from anxiety to low grade depression to family struggles.  She helps me become aware of old patterns (that are no longer serving me) which allows for the release of energy thus creating space for flow.  My life has transformed since working w/Sheri and I am forever grateful for the gifts she helps me uncover.."

–Sam Rifkin, 47, New York, Core Energy Life Coach

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