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LGBTQ+ Empowerment Coaching

This community is held very deeply within our hearts. We are a part of this community. When Derek and I were 21 years old and newly in love, he sat me down and quietly said with tears and fear in his eyes, “I have something to tell you. If you don’t love me after this and never want to see me again, I’ll understand.” He then told me he was bisexual. He explained how he wished he could “cut it out” of his body but he couldn’t. I simply replied that I loved all of him. That every fiber of his being made up the ingredients to the man I was deeply in love with and that didn’t change anything. His relief and love for me was palpable. He began the journey of accepting himself, loving HIMSELF. Fast forward a couple decades and our middle daughter, with tears in her eyes, was telling us the same. Although she knew in her heart that we would 100% accept her, she was still struggling. We See You. We're here For You. We Support You.


There’s no judgement.


You deserve respect for being YOU! We know personally the unique, heart-breaking struggles that you're going through. We understand the challenges. We’ve lived them. It's time you step into the most authentic version of yourself and set an empowering path to a life that will value you, that you’ll love. You deserve a fulfilling job, a supportive family and an incredible love life. Let us support you. Let us help you build the life of your dreams. It's time to live like the rockstar you are!

Website - LGBTQ+ Empowerment

"In order to know the light, we must first experience the darkness." ~ Jung

Image by Maik Jonietz

"Before working with Derek and Sheri, I was honestly in a very bad place mentally and physically, but was desperately willing to make the necessary changes I needed to turn my life around. Growing up I endured a lot of bullying for various reasons, and would never open up to people about the things I struggled with because I didn’t want people to see me as a burden. The bullying I received affected every single aspect of my life. I struggled a lot with body image, I struggled with self acceptance, and I was extremely depressed. My setbacks with body image were really significant to me because it affected many aspects of my early development. It affected how I saw myself in the mirror, mainly because I would look in the mirror and criticize every flaw I saw. I’ve always been really tall, very skinny, and had a lot of acne, which resulted in a lot of bullying even though I really couldn’t change those things. From a young age I also knew that I was gay, but because I grew up Catholic and very conservative I didn’t understand how I was feeling on the inside."  [read more]

– Zach Gerstenfeld, 18, New York, Student

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