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"Sheri is an amazing coach. With her support I was able to make a significant mindset shift so I could fully embrace the big changes I wanted to make in my life. The biggest takeaway for me was realizing how my drive for clarity, something I always thought was a strength of mine, was actually working against me. It was creating a lot of stress and fear, making it difficult for me to make progress. Through Sheri's careful questioning and deep listening she helped me connect the dots and see my situation from a 1000ft view. This allowed me to let go of the fear, to stop sweating the small stuff and map out the steps I wanted to take. I would highly recommend Sheri as a coach. Her warmth, curiosity and passion for her craft shine through and made our sessions something I will treasure for a long time to come."

 ~ Mel Hopwood, 45, New York, AVP, Continuous Improvement

"Before working with Derek and Sheri, I was honestly in a very bad place mentally and physically, but was desperately willing to make the necessary changes I needed to turn my life around. Growing up I endured a lot of bullying for various reasons, and would never open up to people about the things I struggled with because I didn’t want people to see me as a burden. The bullying I received affected every single aspect of my life. I struggled a lot with body image, I struggled with self acceptance, and I was extremely depressed. My setbacks with body image were really significant to me because it affected many aspects of my early development. It affected how I saw myself in the mirror, mainly because I would look in the mirror and criticize every flaw I saw. I’ve always been really tall, very skinny, and had a lot of acne, which resulted in a lot of bullying even though I really couldn’t change those things. From a young age I also knew that I was gay, but because I grew up Catholic and very conservative I didn’t understand how I was feeling on the inside."  [read more]

~ Zach Gerstenfeld, 18, New York, Student

“Sheri is a dream to work with. She is attentive, focused, present, kind and holds space for me to dump whatever I bring along to our sessions.  She helps me work through everything from anxiety to low grade depression to family struggles.  She helps me become aware of old patterns (that are no longer serving me) which allows for the release of energy thus creating space for flow.  My life has transformed since working w/Sheri and I am forever grateful for the gifts she helps me uncover.."

~ Sam Rifkin, 47, New York, Core Energy Life Coach


"Years ago I attended a sales seminar, and at one point the speaker posed this question: Is good the enemy of great?The true meaning of this didn’t completely resonate for me until very recently.After a divorce, change in career and relocation all at once, I spent 10 years learning, healing and living a “good” life ~ blissfully in my comfort zone.I woke up one day realizing I needed more. That’s when I decided to take the leap, invest in myself and create a life that is truly “great”.With Sheri’s expert guidance, I was able to outline what I was seeking in both my personal and professional life and set the wheels in motion to create that reality.Sheri’s non-judgmental style allowed me to show up with complete honesty, and to challenge myself to move past the patterns I created that were holding me back.If you have ever considered coaching, I highly recommend a conversation with this extraordinary human. GREATEST INVESTMENT EVER!"

~ Shari, 52, New Jersey, RE Sales

"Before I started on my journey, I was settled and comfortable with myself, but not in a good way. I never thought about what I was doing for my body, only what I was doing to it. They’ve taught me how to truly start loving and appreciating myself on a daily basis. Derek and Sheri are two of the most caring, helpful, and mindful people I have ever met and I’m so grateful to have them as my coaches and mentors. Through their genius, I was able to hone my interview/people skills, find the lifestyle that makes my mind and body happiest, and find others with similar goals as mine. They have made me not just a better person, but more in touch with the world around me. A year ago, I would’ve never thought I would be where I am today, and it’s because of Derek and Sheri. Learning about what’s best for my future and how to strive for it on a daily basis has completely shaken me out of my old routines. They’ve taught me how to use everyday for something positive, whether for myself or for others. Getting coached by Derek and Sheri truly changed who I was and I am so grateful! Thank you guys so much."

~ Emily, 17, Los Angeles, Model and Student

"I have been coaching with Sheri & Derek for over a year now! When I think of my life before I met them, I can’t believe how stuck and detached I felt in my everyday life. I knew that I had big dreams, and goals... but I was afraid to take the first step. I was so close to giving up on my dreams, and then I met Sheri & Derek and my whole life changed! I have been coaching extensively with Derek for the last 6 months. When the world shut down, thankfully my coaching sessions did not. If I did not have my sessions as consistently as I did, or not at all, I would be in a completely different headspace today. Before I began coaching, my brain was filled with fog, and confusion, and at times excuses. Sheri & Derek have helped me discover an immense amount of clarity. Derek has a way of personalizing every single coaching session to fit my needs. He not only deeply listens to my thoughts and concerns, but he helps me find the tools to take that next step in reaching my goals. One major strength I have taken out of the benefit of coaching, is the fact that my confidence level has completely skyrocketed! I am taking more risks today, than I ever knew possible and because of this so many doors have been opened. I would absolutely recommend life coaching by Sheri & Derek to anyone no matter your career path or lifestyle. I truly believe that everyone can benefit from life coaching because speaking from experience, it changed my life! Sheri & Derek have brought out the best version of myself and I couldn’t be more thankful."

~ Carly Caruso, 21, New York, Actor

"The coaching sessions I’ve had with Derek whether in workshops or one-on-one sessions all have the same effect on me. Derek has a way of uplifting and re-centering me. I never feel the same walking out of the door as I do when I walk in, when I have a coaching session with Derek. I went through a really rough patch at one point in my career and had the pleasure of finding Derek. Immediately, he knew something was up. That surprised me. It’s nice to have someone that cares but it’s even better when they have the interpersonal ability to take notice of your current state!! Especially to a young woman who moved here looking to follow her dreams, or just make something out of herself. It helps having a supportive coach who isn’t just surface level. I think I have grown in my ability to be resilient as my career requires dealing with a lot of difficult things, situations, and individuals. Every excuse I made, Derek always gave me the empowered perspective that it was just water under the bridge and it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle. Hearing this has helped me stand in an intimidating room and still be myself. With Derek's coaching, I think I’ve surprised myself by really committing to what I want out of life. Clarity helps with this followed by his support of my actions. Once you have that, you’re able to really define your life. Derek always makes me be straight with myself first and foremost. Without that you can fool everyone else but not yourself. Coaching is a journey. I’m not the same person as I was two years ago when I met him. The magical part is being able to grow and still have something to gain from in our sessions. The breakthrough has just been seeing my own growth. It’s a different level of satisfaction when you notice things you do differently now and realize where you’ve come from. I operate on a completely different level now. I’m more self resourceful. I’m more empowered by things within rather than things on the outside. It’s been a full circle for me so it’s great to acknowledge my growth in difficult moments that have come and will continue to come."

~ Ayesha Sesay, 22, New York, Model

"I first met Derek in January of 2020. The moment I met him I knew there was something very special about him. Before this meeting, I had always dreamed of being a model but I was always caught up in my own cycle of self doubt to actually make this happen.  I was not working on improving myself, even though I desperately wanted to. It is a scary feat to take on and this fear stopped me from achieving my goals. When I started working with Derek, I could never look in the mirror without finding some form of fault. My self esteem was faltering, but after I started working with Derek I slowly started gaining more and more confidence. He has only ever been positive with me, even when giving constructive criticism. Derek has worked to make this collaborative journey worthwhile, and I have to say he has succeeded. I have gotten away from the paralyzing perfectionism that so long has left me stuck in life. Now, I am actually working hard and enjoying pushing towards my goals. I would 100% recommend spending time in sessions with Sheri and Derek. Their encouraging spirits and individualized approach help to make you the best version of yourself. They never try to change who you truly are or mold you into someone you are not. Throughout the quarantine, I spoke with Derek every other week. Each time I left one of these sessions, I was even more motivated and excited about life. I am able to be honest with what is holding me back and figure out how to accept this and move on. During such a confusing and emotional time, my coaching sessions with Derek were such a source of energy. Talking about my personal experiences and being heard was an enlightening experience and I truly would not have progressed so far in just a few months without his guidance."

~ Tori White, 22, New York, Student 


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