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The Relationship Gurus

We are certified, professional coaches...and we walk the talk. We have been in love and together since 1988 and married since 1993. We are from different races, religions and cultures. We’ve raised 3 amazing, creative, headstrong kids. It has not been easy to meld our worlds, especially our families, but we have done it and done it well. We thrive and excel in working with any relationship outside of the cultural norms that have built-in challenges unlike anything else. We've been there and we've found very powerful ways to not only work though those challenges but come out even stronger on the other side.


Whether in business, with family members or in an intimate relationship...if you're in a relationship where the people involved fall outside of what our culture tends to expect and place expectations

upon, we will partner with you to navigate the very unique challenges that you face. We will help you connect at your heart level so that you can create a strong and lasting relationship no matter where you are in the relationship process.

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Don't base your relationship decisions on the advice of people who don't have to live with the results.

Image by Kimberly Fowler

"Years ago I attended a sales seminar, and at one point the speaker posed this question:

Is good the enemy of great? The true meaning of this didn’t completely resonate for me until very recently.
After a divorce, change in career and relocation all at once, I spent 10 years learning, healing and living a “good” life ~ blissfully in my comfort zone. I woke up one day realizing I needed more. That’s when I decided to take the leap, invest in myself and create a life that is truly “great”. With Sheri’s expert guidance, I was able to outline what I was seeking in both my personal and professional life and set the wheels in motion to create that reality.
Sheri’s non-judgmental style allowed me to show up with complete honesty, and to challenge myself to move past the patterns I created that were holding me back. If you have ever considered coaching, I highly recommend a conversation with this extraordinary human. GREATEST INVESTMENT EVER!"

–Shari, 52, New Jersey, RE Sales

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